Lisa Bodratti, PT, DPT

The spring sports season is quickly approaching. Are you ready? The best way to avoid injury during the upcoming season is to go in with a good base of cardiovascular and muscular fitness. We want to help you avoid having to over-train to get the results you want!

Here are 4 ways to prepare for spring sports season starting right now:

1. Start with slow, short duration (about 10 minute) jogs

Work your way up to longer duration runs, slowly increasing your speed

2. Begin core exercises

Start with basic core exercises such as finding pelvic neutral to build a great base of core strength and control. Read our blog posts on Exercising Your Core Correctly, and How To Activate Your Core.

3. Strengthen your hips

Perform exercises to strengthen your glute muscles such as:

(Images courtesy of

4. Always make sure to dress for the weather.

Spring weather is so variable, make sure to pack extra layers in your bag so that you are always prepared for whatever the day may bring! One way to avoid injury is to dress appropriately to keep your muscles warm.

If are looking for some extra help in order to prepare for your season, come on into Capital Area Physical Therapy & Wellness to undergo a personalized evaluation focused on helping you achieve your goals. Give us a call at the Malta office (518)-289-5242 or the Queensbury office (518)-502-1154 to schedule your appointment today!