My experience at CDSF

By Savannah Brija, SPT


What they do: CDSF has a few different options regarding training plans between semi-private and group training options. The unique part about their facility is that the trainers create an individualized program based on the client’s skill level, sport(s), season, and training volume. On the first day, they go through a strategy session where they perform an evaluation of the client to truly understand their level and goals. From there they create a 4-week program for the client to come 2-3 times per week. Although the programs are individualized person to person, the general component looks like this:

  1. Warm-up and mobility work
  2. Speedwork depending on their sport and goals
  3. 1-4 sets of strength exercises
  4. Some clients will end with conditioning

After the 4-week cycle, the trainers create a new program to continue progress.


My impression: I was very impressed by the facility and the knowledge of the trainers. They are education-focused, emphasizing the correct form for each exercise. The trainers are very intentional with everything that they included into the program and emphasized the “why” for each exercise to the athlete. I loved the social aspect of the facility; everyone seemed to know each other and while the work level was high, it was also a fun place to be.


PT- trainer alliance: As physical therapists, our role is to help patients achieve their goals. While we are movement experts, we are not strength and conditioning coaches or personal trainers. By working with training facilities, we can further promote wellness and conditioning to our patients who want to remain active or increase their performance levels beyond what PT provides. Going along the same lines, Mike and Dan are the experts in conditioning. Although they are attentive to injury and know how to accommodate, their priority is performance so if they see something come up, they want to refer before it starts to impede the athlete’s ability to play their sport.