Patient Reviews: Physical Therapy Saratoga County NY Region

Read some of the highlights from our patient exit interviews and contact us to make your appointment today. Capital Area PT provides skilled physical therapy in Saratoga County and Warren County NY.

“I’ve learned so much beyond my shoulder injury. They all help so much in making sure every movement is done correctly. I’ve learned to pay attention to your core all day! It makes the rest of your body work the right way. Thanks for helping me get through this recovery! You are amazing!”
“I felt like Evan treated my condition with knowledge about what I should do – not just hot packs and a sheet of exercises to do. I was very impressed with how personal each visit was. Thanks so much to all the staff who were very friendly.”
“I never thought I would be where I am now, not even half of where I am now. I can’t tell you how much this has meant to me. I have been active my entire life and to have that taken away so quickly and so long, I didn’t know what to do. I was so lost. Now, I am in better shape and more active than ever. I can’t tell you what CAPT has meant to me. Unbelievable to think that I am where I am now.”
“With any medical professionals – trust is huge. My experience with Andrew was wonderful because I trusted him with designing my sessions to address the issues I had.”

“Learned more about how your foot moves when running and jumping, and how to avoid injury. Flexibility and range of movement has improved…very knowledgeable and helpful staff.”

“I learned how joints/muscles work and the need for exercise. On every exercise I learned what not to do, as well as the reasons for it. After a total knee replacement I can now do everything independently. Learned the importance of one person overseeing your progress so that treatment is consistent.:

“This is a great place to come. The people are great and very caring. Overall, I had a fantastic experience.”
“Come here! Great people, great staff, and you get well.”
This is the only place to go because it is the best! Thank you!
“The staff is very friendly and helpful. I almost wish I never healed!”

“You are very well taken care of. One on one attention!”