Rowing Injury Prevention

This type of rowing – also known as crew – is beautiful to watch. Fluid, elegant strokes propel the craft through the water with seemingly effortless action. Motions are synchronized and smooth, making it appear as though the racing shell is gliding through the water in one continuous movement.

In fact, rowing is an extremely physical sport that requires a high level of full body conditioning. It’s perfect form demands strength in the back and legs, along with balance, stability and aerobics.

Physical therapy for rowing can provide valuable support for all ages and types of rowers:

  • Professional competive athletes
  • School, college and university teams
  • Local rowing clubs
  • Youth groups
  • Senior rowing clubs

In addition to a workout plan, physical therapy evaluation and assessment can provide much-needed support. A physical therapy assesment plays a role in evaluationg the function of biomechanics in each individual rowing athlete. The demands of the sport affect each athlete differenty, requiring a speicifc and unique approach to evaluation, analyis, recovery from injury, and preventative techniques.

Common rowing injuries

There are a number of injuries common to rowing, many of which can be caused by improper form, over training, or fatigue. Some injuries may be minimized by ergonoic motion adjustments. A few of the most common rowing injuries include:

  • Back Problems: Rowing places an extraordinary amount of work on the back. The strength required to pull the orders through the water consistently can resut in muscle strain, or shoulder and neck pain. Improving form can not only reduce the incidents of back injury, but can also help minimize severity
  • Shoulder and neck pain and muscle strain
  • Knee Injuries, including ITBS, similar to the knee pain runners can suffer from.
  • Rib Injury: Rib injuries are caused by stress fractures due to overuse. Continued use without treatment can lead to cracking of the rib.

At Capital Area Physical Therapy, we provide thorough physical assessment and strategies to help reduce pain as quickly as possible, getting you back to the activities you love. Contact us at one of our PT clinics in Malta/Saratoga, or Queensbury/Glens Falls for more information.