At Capital Area Physical Therapy, comprehensive evaluations and evidenced based practices are the cornerstone of our practice, along with sport screenings, functional movement running evaluations and injury prevention techniques. We are now one of the only practices in the Upstate NY region offering the DorsaVi high tech wearable sensor system to benefit athletes and PT patients.

What is DorsaVi?

If you’re a runner or athlete, you’re constantly looking for ways to monitor your performance. You want to know how fast, how far, how high and how hard you worked this time, to set realistic goals and extend your limits. DorsaVi offers powerful new technology that measures movement in ways that were never before possible.

DorsaVi uses wireless technology to provide lab-quality data. It measures how people move using two types of sensors.

  • One senses movement to measure how athletes bend, stretch, jump and stride.
  • The other records what’s going on in individual muscle groups, with adhesive electrodes that provide detailed feedback.

The wearable sensors integrate movement and muscle measurements at 200 frames per second.

Benefits to Athletes

Athletes want to both improve current performance and reduce the risk of injury. Coaches, trainers, and physical therapists can do a visual assessment to see what’s happening on the surface, but that doesn’t provide actionable data that can be broken down into meaningful results and reevaluated over time.

DorsaVi’s ViPerform tracks athletes in real-time. Wearable sensors record motion and muscle activity and software translates it into usable information. When athletes are training, they see specific ways to boost performance. When recovering from an injury, they review data from a performance in a controlled setting to see when they can return to training without fear of re-injury.

Athletes who regularly perform movements that put them at risk for injury can see what’s happening to their body before an injury occurs. Instant analytics measure running, knee activity, active and passive hamstring movement, and functional exercises like inline lunges and overhead squats.

DorsaVi Benefits for Healthcare Providers

The same benefits dorsaVi provides top athletes also help patients with low back pain or other injuries. ViMove records and measures motion and muscle exertion in the lower back and other parts of the body. It breaks down how patients move when they’re rested and when they’re fatigued to see how repeated movement might be slowing recovery.

ViMove sensors evaluate movement and send it to the physician or therapist’s computer in real-time. When the therapist sees a problem, he or she can immediately suggest modifications and see if they bring about the desired results. ViMove sensors sync with video that’s easy to review to evaluate progress.

Case Studies

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital uses dorsaVi technology in their physical therapy program. Physical therapists there say the technology significantly reduces the subjectivity of treatment to help patients heal faster. They report success treating back pain and sports issues. Collegiate and professional sports teams also use the technology to optimize performance and help athletes rehabilitate injuries.

If you’re recovering from a sports injury, suffer from lower back pain, or just want to improve your performance, seek out a physical therapist who offers dorsaVi technology. The wearable sensors and real-time data might give you the feedback you need to transform your performance and safeguard your health.

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