Is Sitting the New Smoking?

By Nicholas Gallagher, SPT "Sitting Is The New Smoking" We have heard this statement repeatedly on news segments, online articles, and personal opinions from the people we pass on [...]

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips From Capital Area PT

Reduce Your Risk Of Pain & Injury from Shoveling Snow! Snow shoveling is everyone’s least favorite chore when wintertime hits. You might not expect to need physical therapy after [...]

Golfers Tips to Avoid Lower Back Pain

Spinal Mobility for Golfers Brianna Piel, SPT Looking to improve your golf swing? Experiencing pain with your golf swing? Improving spinal mobility may help! The key to any good [...]

Low Back Pain during Pregnancy and Postpartum

Low Back Pain during Pregnancy and Postpartum   By Megan Dodge, PT, DPT Low back pain (LBP) is the most common musculoskeletal complaint during pregnancy that is estimated to [...]

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