Your “Funny Bone”..

Understanding The Ulner Nerve We've all done it...hit our elbow on the table, or maybe it get hits with a whizzing fast ball, and the resulting pain, tingling, buzzing [...]

Dorsiflexion Limitation: Heel Cord Stretch

By: Nicholas Gallagher, SPT Dorsiflexion Limitation: Heel Cord Stretch How Do You Assess Dorsiflexion? In the past, you may have heard that you have a lack of dorsiflexion range [...]

CAPT welcomes massage therapist Tom Ford

Capital Area Physical Therapy and Wellness is excited to introduce Tom Ford as the newest member of our team. A graduate of The Center for Natural Wellness School of [...]

How Strong Is Your Core?

Assessing Your Core Strength Core training, core strength, core stability. We hear and read these phrases nearly everywhere these days. When we hear the word, “core,” must of us [...]

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