Squat Assessment: Check Your Squat!

  How much information do we get from a squat assessment? By Andrew Gaetano, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS Squatting is one of those activities that we all know how [...]

What you might not realize about pain

Jennifer Mirdita, SPT   The Truth About Pain Pain is an important signal that your body sends to your brain, indicating a perceived threat. After an injury, pain signals [...]

In Pain? Get The Right Advice

Capital Area PT helps those in chronic pain restore normal habits, function, and way of life through a combination of education, exercise, and manual therapy as necessary. Andrew J [...]

Flexibility vs Mobility

Flexibility vs Mobility, What’s the Difference? By Jared Gersch, SPT The terms “flexibility” and “mobility” have been commonly used for decades, but what does each term actually mean? [...]

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