Why Do Your Feet Ache in the Morning?

Do the first few steps getting out of bed in the morning make you dread taking the leap? Or are you finding yourself tip-toeing around to avoid stressing your feet? These are not symptoms that you have to live with! The right treatment can make all the difference. Capital Area PT offers evaluation and foot pain treatment for the Saratoga, Malta, Queensbury area.

Foot pain treatment Saratoga, Malta, Queensbury, Glens Falls

A simple evaluation by one of our doctors of physical therapy at Capital Area PT will show:

  • Possible mechanical problems with the way your foot or lower body moves
  • Possible muscular timing problems and/or weakness
  • Areas of joint or soft tissue restriction in your lower extremity or trunk

Foot Pain Treatment: What You Can Expect:

  • A full explanation of our assessment on your movement
  • Manual therapy to address the movement or mechanical problem
  • A simple but effective exercise program to address your particular problem, not a generic sheet of exercises

Choose which Capital Area PT Clinic is nearest you, and contact us for more information and foot pain treatment today!

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