Capital Area Physical Therapy and Wellness offers expert advice to those with back pain before costly and time consuming tests may only give you only part of the true picture, and ultimately may not even change the course of treatment. The therapists here are equipped to assess and treat back pain from the day it occurs to those who have been in pain for several years. We may also help those who have failed other treatments, therapies, or even surgery because of the vast treatment approaches we use in our decision making.




This informative video below offers some insight as the benefits of seeking quality physical therapy as a first source of treatment.





This video makes a few excellent points of those who may need imaging and those who may not. If you do have any of the following then see your physician sooner rather than later: 50 years old or more with history of cancer, urinary retention, changes in bladder/bowel function, loss of sensation to groin or buttocks, progressive weakness in legs or sensory loss, or not improving after 4 weeks of physical therapy.


Reduce fear, improve quality of life, and restore function. Get physical therapy first for lower back pain.






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