Capital Area Physical Therapy & Wellness Patient FAQ’s

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Please bring your insurance card, ID, and comfortable clothes. If you are coming for an injury sustained at work or in a motor vehicle accident, please bring any necessary paperwork with you (case number, adjuster name).
In most cases, you can start physical therapy and get the relief you need right now without a physician prescription. To learn more click here.

The sooner the better, unless advised by a physician to begin during a certain timeframe for medical/post-operative reasons. We can begin to manage dysfunction or an injury at any phase and can began to change treatment as the problem changes. leading to quicker healing and healthier movement with less delay.

Most patients can plan on being int he clinic for about an hour on average, in some cases less or more depending on the situation.

A DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) will be seeing you at each visit. If you have preference, you may choose which therapist to see. If you would like to stay with the same therapist each visit we are more than happy to accommodate your scheduled appointments for that.

On your first visit, you can expect an in-depth conversation regarding the reason for your visit, an extensive review of your body mechanics, posture, gait, movement and determination of other areas of need to return you to a pain free lifestyle. You can also expect some treatment and education on the first day in most cases.

This really depends on the situation, depending on the patient, diagnosis and expected healing timeframes. Most cases can be successfully discharged in 6-12 visits.

Because you a Doctor of Physical Therapy at each visit, each time you come in we are able to reassess your situation and change if needed. Detailed notes are sent to your physician after the first evaluation and as needed before follow up appointments.