New Latham NY Physical Therapy Clinic

Announcing Our New Latham NY Physical Therapy Clinic

Capital Area Physical Therapy and Wellness is pleased to announce the opening of their new physical therapy clinic in Latham, NY! This will be the third location for our growing practice with branches currently in Malta, NY and Queensbury, NY.We will be welcoming patients starting October 1st, 2019.

“What really sets us apart is our ability to be creative when developing a treatment program” says Dr. Andrew Gaetano, one of the few physical therapists in the country

Dr. Lisa Bodratti, PT, DPT heading new Latham physical therapy clinic

who is a board-certified specialist in both orthopedic and neurologic physical therapy, as well as a strength and conditioning specialist. Because of our highly comprehensive approach, we can meet the individual needs of all our patients. We integrate several specialized theories and techniques and incorporate as much manual therapy as necessary to ensure success, tackling a problem from all angles.”

The owners, Dr. Andrew Gaetano and Dr. Evan Marsh, are full time treating therapists and are extremely particular in the therapists who join the practice, ensuring the quality of care is consistent yet unique through all practitioners. “We are successful in treating pain and movement related problems even when patients have been unsuccessful elsewhere, because we go to the root of the problem” says Dr. Marsh. “Our therapists have advanced training and provide personalized care”. Tapped to manage the Latham clinic is Dr. Lisa Bodratti, PT, DPT, pictured right, who has been with the clinic for over 3 years.

In addition to a unique hands-on approach, the clinic is also the only physical therapy practice in Upstate New York to offer Dorsavi, a professional, cutting-edge wearable sensor to objectively measure exactly how you move. This technology is available to be utilized during a physical therapy assessment.

The new clinic is located at 1182 Troy Schenectady Road in Latham (find directions to our new location here) and can be reached by calling (518) 289-5242 or by contacting us via our contact form at