Tips For Choosing A Youth Sports Helmet

What to look for in a youth sports helmet

As a parent, school sports can be one of the most exciting things you and your child can experience together. Of course, keeping them safe and healthy while they learn to take the bumps and bruises that inevitably come along with sports begins with choosing the right helmet. Here are a few tips for choosing a youth sports helmet that that is appropriate in quality, fit, and of course has the cool factor your kids will insist upon!

With a critical focus upon keeping kids injury free, Schools and colleges have become highly aware and proactive regarding sport safety. Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding serious injuries such as concussions, skull fracture, eye injuries, etc. The right helmet can go a long way toward keeping your child safe and injury free.

Some School/Youth Sports That Require Helmets:

  • Baseball
  • Biking
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Horseback Riding
  • Ice Hockey
  • In-Line Skating
  • Lacrosse
  • Skateboarding
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Softball

Choosing the Right Helmet

Of course, all sports are not created equal when it comes to injury. Risk factors for head injuries in ice hockey versus softball may be different, but the focus on prevention is just as important.

For instance, football has an inherently higher risk of concussion or brain injury than many sports, requiring a different set of standards. All football helmets have a minimal safety standard, yet there are differing levels of impact protection depending upon which model you choose. For all sports, the type and amount of padding, ear protection and impact resistance can vary widely, making it important to review specifically the features of each helmet and what will best meet your needs. There are a number of rating sites for helmets. Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings is one example of a possible rating system, providing an overview of the different types of helmets available for different sports based upon a series of tests and evaluation criteria, and also provides some tips for choosing a youth sports helmet.

Helmet Fitting Tips


For more information or tips on choosing a youth sports helmet, contact one of our physical therapy clinics in Saratoga or Queensbury. Choosing the right helmet for young athletes will help to provide critical support in preventing not only head injuries, but back and neck pain. In the event of a consussion, we can also provide post-concussion physical therapy.